About us

“Encounters Between the Old and New Worlds”
Center for Cultural and Linguistic Heritage
Faculty of “Artes Liberales” University of Warsaw

The Center for Cultural and Linguistic Heritage carries out transdisciplinary research integrating several fields of modern humanities in a comprehensive problem-oriented approach. Our studies embrace the methods and sources of ethnohistory, cultural anthropology, philology, linguistics and archaeology, with special focus on cultural-linguistic heritage, cross-cultural transfer and communication, cultural continuity and change and language revitalization. Through partnership-based forms of collaboration with local communities, as well as participatory action and community-based research, we strive to enrich the mainstream methodologies with paradigms of traditional/indigenous knowledge. We focus on boundary-breaking forms of collaboration between European/Western scholars and native researchers, students and community members. An important aspect of our activities consists of establishing new forms of collaboration with non-profit organizations, educational institutions and community-based organizations in order to design and carry out joint revitalization programs. We are also committed to fostering innovative academic networks across Europe and beyond, that successfully combine research, teaching and outreach/socially-applied activities related to endangered languages and minority ethnic groups. Our work focuses on native Mesoamerica and Peru, with special emphasis on the Nahuatl-speaking communities of Mexico; we also carry out collaborative research and language revitalization activities with the community of Wymysoü/Wilamowice in Poland.

Specific research topics and activities include:

Publication projects that include translation and critical editions of Nahuatl documents, monolingual works and reference materials in Nahuatl and Wymysorys